Our Toy Department

Farlow’s Home Hardware is a local store in Durham, ON. Apart from hardware supplies, our store also carries a vast selection of toys for children of all ages! Whatever you are looking for, we have toys that are sure to delight.

Are you looking for something special for your little one? Whether it’s for a birthday or school achievement celebration, you’ll find the perfect gift at our store. We have something for everyone!

Family Fun With Board Games

Board games are a great way to bond with your family. Drop by our store to browse through our collection of exciting board games.

Summertime Toys

Planning on a beach or camping trip? Make the experience more fun with our summer toys.

Other Toys

We carry dolls, Lego building blocks, remote-control toys, and more!

Adorable girl select dolls in toy section of supermarket

Help Us Make Our Community’s Children Smile

At Farlow’s Home Hardware, we are dedicated to making the annual toy drive a success. Together with the West Grey Police Services, we have collected hundreds of toys over the years.

Would you like to take part in our toy drive? Please visit our store and approach one of our staff members for details.

Find the latest toys and games at Farlow’s Home Hardware. For questions, call 519-369-2405, send an email, or fill out the form. We look forward to being of assistance.